Safety in the desert

Wadi Rum is not an inherently dangerous place but travelers in the desert should take a few simple precautions to reduce risks and make their visit more enjoyable. Always bring a hat, sun cream and drinking water to enable you to cope with the sun and heat and strong shoes are recommended for walking over sand and rock. If you are camping overnight, a flash light will be useful and a trowel or small shovel to bury organic waste. A light weight sleeping bag is also advisable, as it can get cold in the desert at night, although most tour operators and local Bedouins provide mattresses, blankets and pillows as part of the deal. Check before you arrive.

Some poisonous species of snakes and scorpions can be found in the protected area. If you are bitten by a snake or scorpion, try and note its color and markings, tie a tourniquet above the bite, immobilize the affected area, and obtain medical help as soon as possible. It should be stressed, however, that bites from snakes or scorpions are extremely rare; the vast majority of visitors never see them.

If you are planning to trek or climb and spend several days in the protected area, you must register your trip at the visitor centre before you start – and you should follow the best practice and safety guidelines recommended by the Protected Area Authority. These are available as a leaflet from the visitor centre or through the library link in this website. In the event of an emergency, you should first contact the tourism police at the visitor centre.